What we are getting up to in Nairobi

Wow Phase 1 finally done!

 Progress update on the SIL Intranet

Phase 1 of 3 has been completed; the intranet has now been fully developed, and tested. (woohoo!!)

This was an absolute mamouth undertaking, but glad its finally all developed
However, this isn’t the end, we now have 2 more phases to move onto

Phase 2 will consist of loading content. documents and tagging for the internal search engine.
Identifying and training the correct people to manage the system.

Phase 3 will be training the staff on how to use the intranet to speed up their productivity, and rolling out to the whole organisation.



…the number of languages spoken in the world today


…the number of languages without any of the Bible, but with a possible need of a Bible translation to begin

about 340 million

…the number of people who speak the 2,000 languages where translation projects have not yet begun


…the number of translation programs where Wycliffe is currently at work

nearly 75%

…amount of the world’s remaining Bible translation needs that are located in the three areas of greatest need


…the number of language communities which have access to the New Testament in their heart language


…the number of language communities which have access to the entire Bible in the language they understand best

6.5 billion+

…the population of the world

I reckon they should just all learn english, but apparently its not going to happen 😉


Alpha Course Finished

I always find alpha both draining and very rewarding

Had such a nice group and made some cool friends.
As usual the group always fliters down, but we kept around the 8-1o mark (about 15 started)

Unfortunatly location was an issue as we are in the suburbs and with Nairobi traffic, people found it difficult to make it across town in time, but we had a great time with the guys that managed to make it

we watched the alpha video’s, that Nicky Gumbel is a funny guy!

It is great to see people growing!


Pub Quiz

Had a great evening at the vineyard pub quiz

the last one attracted about 63 people, so we figured we’d aim for around 80-90

well on the day we were getting a little worries as its seemed to be the talk of the town
Luckily, only 120 people turned up and we literally had every seat in use for the event

It was a huge sucess, and a chance for people from the church to bring their mates
Lots of conversations were going on how we must be a cool church to do such good events.

Not just translation

Some of the languages we encounter don’t have written form, so we have to create a written language, and educate the people on how to read and write, we usually educate approx 3 people in the community and they pass this knowledge on
In some cases we even build schools

More info on languages can be found here: http://www.ethnologue.org/country_index.asp?place=Africa

June Already?!?

Not sure how it is June already!  Time seems to be absolutely FLYING!!!  It is only just over 9 weeks until we are back in the U.K. for a three week visit (18th August – 12th September), and we have so much to do before then, but it is all great fun!

So, we finally have our first Alpha course starting a week Wednesday (June 22nd).  We are very    excited to be finally launching with this.  This first course is actually targeted at people who are already within the church to some degree, and is going to be ‘Alpha Express’.  We will then have a second course running from end of September, when we will probably use ‘The Reason for God’ material by Tim Keller, and this will be totally focussed at the community around us. 

We also have another Pub Quiz event coming up on Friday July 1st, and just have some organising etc to arrange before then.  We have had some really encouraging stories brought to our attention other the past week in regards to these social events, which has given us added enthusiasm and drive.  One German couple came to see me Sunday to mention that they had invited two aquaintances to the Latino Night, and they had all had such a good time that they have since taken up Salsa dancing lessons together, and as the relationship has developed they have had many opportunities for some really good chats.  Another member of church said that she was at Mum’s and Babies group last week and was chatting to a lady there about church etc, and the lady said ‘Oh that’s the church that does great events’, and as a result someone else in the group entered the conversation and has expressed an interest to come along one Sunday.  Plus a few weeks ago, someone from the community randomly turned up to church after coming to ‘Latino Night’  and afterwards expressed some interest in attending the Alpha course.   Please pray that God will continue to use us and these events for his Glory!


The Rhino Charge took place just over a week ago, and was a fantastic success.  Great fun was had by all, and we received lots of very positive comments from the competitors about the quality of the ‘check point – station’ that we ran, providing them with ice cold drinks, fresh fruit and the most amazing food – beef skewers, marinaded chicken, breakfast baps.  The menu was put together by a great friend of ours, who is a fantastic chef, so it didn’t feel like camping at all most of the time.   If you want to see more pictures please click on the following link… 


Things at Heshima are going well.  There has been significant progress made by the children which is just so exciting to see.  Melvin is now walking everywhere (holding on to furniture) whereas he used to cry if you even put him on his feet; Felix has made great improvement with a diet change, and he his now giving more eye contact, responding to play situations and interacting more – plus he fed himself for the first time the other day; Maggie has surgery on her club feet due on July 18th – please pray that the surgery will go well and that she will be able to learn to walk in time.  Tracey Hagman is back home in the U.S. at the moment for two months for a break, and also to try and fundraise for the new build.  The jewellery parties that she has run so far have gone fantastically and she is already ordering more stuff for me to ship out to her (and she is only a week and a half into her trip).  The initial construction work on the new site has been completed but we are still awaiting approval from the council to start the ‘official’ construction of the building itself.  Tracey has emailed me today to ask everyone to pray for this as they are really dragging their feet, and we don’t want to waste anymore time over this – they are basically waiting for a bribe in order to pass it through!


 Maggie                                    Melvin                                    Felix

I am also thrilled to tell you that since last updating the blog (I know, I know,  it was ages ago) we have been able to go into Turning Point safely.  Thank you to all of you that prayed about this!  The work in the creative room has been going fantastically, the children learning and having fun at the same time, and they are becoming increasingly creative.   

Simon and Maimuna finger painting after creating their own crowns, jewellery and masks.

I have also started going into Mahali Pa Watoto on a weekly basis now which is proving to be very beneficial.  It is mainly on an advisory role, and just involves demonstrating teaching in a creative/interactive way, encouraging the children to think and problem solve, rather than learning merely by rote, which is the way the Kenyan system runs.  The staff are very eager to learn and implement ideas, so am thinking that my input here will be on a very temporary basis, which is great. 

Well, thanks again to you all for your continued prayers and support.  We are looking forward to a busy few months before coming back for a visit and seeing you all in person.  x

We want the church to be part of the community, and we also want to look good!

I’m a big fan of making good first impressions, especially when it comes to church stuff, and I really didn’t like the old logo or website (as did the pastor – hence him asking me to look at it)
so we wanted something modern.
The website was in desperate need of updating too, but having done this sort of thing before, knew we needed to do the logo first

below are the results:



I quite like it!
All the branding will be used on any outreach events we are doing, which i’m happy about!


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