What we are getting up to in Nairobi

So, we’ve been back just over a week already and are just settling back into the swing of things.  On arrival last Monday, we went straight into the Kenyan Vineyard Release conference which lasted until Friday.  Mark was needed from the minute we arrived (didn’t even come home from the airport), whereas Zachari and I just went up to visit after having a day at home to recover from the flight.  People from Vineyard churches all over Kenya attended as did many representatives from overseas including UK, US, South Africa.  There was great teaching, worship, food, fellowship and dancing (in true African form), and a great time was had by all celebrating with us.


We had a lovely time recharging our batteries whilst at home and it was great to catch up with so many of you (both friends and family) and also to attend the New Wine conference, but, it is now good to be back ‘home’ and getting back into the swing of things.  In general we have settled back in well, although we are very much missing a number of close friends who had left Kenya in the recent months.  The biggest adjustment I have found has surprisingly been in driving around.  During this home visit I was blessed to have had the loan of a car and had enjoyed driving around in a very orderly and organised system.  On our return I have been shocked, all over again, at the driving system here.  During Zachari and I’s first journey back I was reminded of the dangers that the roads hold. 


Where on one hand you have the beauty of the scenery (I was driving out of Nairobi itself at the time),  and the wildlife around (we saw a herd of Zebra and a dead hyena on the side of the road) there is the crazy system, or lack of system.  Where there are no such rules as undertaking, flashing doesn’t mean ‘I’m letting you go’ but totally the opposite ‘I’m coming through no matter what’; people run out in front of the car to cross the road, if traffic is bad (which is nearly always is) three lanes quickly becomes six and a total free for all, and if it gets too bad (which it did last week) people decide to cross the central reservation and try on the other side of the highway going the opposite way to the traffic, where traffic lights are made to be ignored, and no one gives way at a roundabout, where drink driving is accepted and driving in the dark when your lights don’t work is the norm, and meanwhile police are scattered all along the roads totally ignoring crazy drivers but pulling over matatu’s (public transport in the form of mini vans), lorries and cars in order to get a bribe. Anyway, you get the picture, and basically the purpose of me going into this is to ask you to please pray for safety on the roads for us all as we travel around on a daily basis.  This last week I have heard about a girl that I went to school with who was working with a charity in Zambia and was killed in a road accident and it just reminded me again of the danger of the roads.  So please join with us in praying for travelling mercies as we go about our daily business.  Thanks all.x


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