What we are getting up to in Nairobi

Update on Zachari

One healthy baby boy!

Just thought I’d give you all an update from the medical appointments that Zachari had during our UK stay. The first was an allergy testing appointment, and to be honest was rather ‘alternative’, and although they claimed both he and I were allergic to sugar, we have basically discounted this after speaking to other medical professionals. The second, and most important appointment was with a Paediatric consultant and a specialist in allergies. He did a full medical check on Zachari and we were thrilled that he appears to be totally healthy. He advised to keep Zac off dairy for his first year and then gradually introduce it to his diet from then on, monitoring any negative effects and seeking further medical advise if necessary at that point. However, he felt that the lactose intolerance/allergy to milk (we’re not 100% certain which it is) should wear off with time and as Zachari’s digestive system matures! So good news all around. As many of you know, one of Zachari’s symptoms had been quite excessive constipation and ever since that appointment with the doctor he’s been a ‘at least one poo a day boy’! Thank you all so much for your prayers on his behalf.


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