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Exciting times on Outreach front

So… lots of exciting things going on at this end. Sorry for not updating you all sooner!

We are currently in the middle of running the ‘The Reason for God’ course, by Tim Keller, which is a fantastic course designed to equip the church in how to answer the ‘tricky questions’ in a sensitive, gentle, humble and respectful way. Last Saturday 34 of us met together and had a great time discussing some of the difficult topics that come up, e.g. ‘How can you say that there is only one way to God?’ And ‘Hasn’t science disproved Christianity? ‘. This coming Saturday (12th November) is the second half of the course and we will be tackling the tricky topics of ‘Why does God allow suffering?’, ‘Why are Christians such hypocrites?’ and ‘How can God be full of love and wrath at the same time?’ as well as the classic, ‘How can God allow good people to go to hell?’. Please pray for us all as we discuss ways to answer these questions with our friends and acquaintances. For those of you who haven’t come across this material I would very much recommend getting hold of and reading the book, ‘The Reason for God’ by Tim Keller.

‘Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect’ 1 Peter 3:15

We had a great ‘get together’ the other evening with a team of people who are keen on joining us in reaching out to the local community. We had an amazing time throwing around ideas, planning events and spending time in prayer. We now have a few events planned in the run up to Christmas and would really appreciate your prayers.

Friday 11th November – Go Karting Endurance event. We have 10 teams of 4 people who will race for two hours. It promises to be a great night, but please pray that it won’t rain (being rainy season and all), and that everyone will be keep safe as well as having a great time.
Thursday December 1st or 8th (tbc) – Outdoor Christmas Movie night. We will be watching ‘Elf’ at a great outdoor venue with hotdogs and popcorn etc. This will be a fundraising event for Heshima as well as great place to invite people to.

Wednesday 14th December – Outdoor ‘Carols by Candlelight’ at Karen Blixen grounds. This was a fabulous event last year but we’re going for bigger and better this time. We will have bouncy castles and face painters beforehand whilst families share picnics in the light. As the sun sets we will all light candles and sing traditional carols, as well as having a short ‘Christmas thought’ possibly delivered by Mark. If people want to hang around we will have a live band playing Christmas tunes.

Saturday 24th December – Christmas Eve service – tbc.
Please pray for all these events, that they will run smoothly, that people from the community will attend, and that they would see Jesus in us as we run them. We will also be plugging an Alpha course that will start mid/end January at each event, so please pray that people will be open to this.

A few exciting stories from the last few weeks…
A couple we recently met through an ‘expecting mums’ group in the community have come to church for the last two weeks, totally off their own backs.
Another couple that we have only met a few times enquired the other night whilst we were at dinner when Alpha was starting and could they please join.
And I am going for coffee tomorrow with a lady that has been asking lots of questions. Last time I saw her she mentioned that she didn’t have her own bible so tomorrow I have one for her. Please pray for this time.


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