What we are getting up to in Nairobi

Vision 2025

In 1999, translation projects started at a pace of about one every 18 days. At that rate it would have taken until 2150 before the last translation project was even started. Wycliffe leaders challenged the Body of Christ to accelerate the pace. Vision 2025 was born. The goal? To see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by the year 2025. The ultimate goal—God’s Word accessible to all people, so that everyone has an opportunity to have an intimate and life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

In order to reach vision 2025, the organisation has to be very efficient and streamlined
Marks role in this huge undertaking is to develop a centralised communication platform (aka an intranet) for internal use, this platform enables staff in this large organisation to quickly find information and work more efficiently

Mark also is consulting on I.T. infrastructure and communications issues due to his extensive exposure and experience



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