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Back to Reality…

Back to reality… Well, we have just had an absolutely AMAZING time with my brother, sister in law and nephew visiting us. The time just flew by, but we managed to pack an amazing amount of things into that time. We were so blessed by them, as they not only proved to be great company, but also footed the bill for the ‘holiday of a lifetime’. We are both now feeling rested, relaxed and recharged – if a little homesick! Thank you for all your prayers for safety as we travelled – they were very much appreciated! ( I have just found out that 9 people were killed on the same road as us, on the same day we travelled, in three separate accidents!) If you wanted to see pictures of our holiday you can see them on this link…


 The schools here still have a remaining week’s Easter Holiday, so the children from Heshima/Turning Point/Mahali Pa Watoto won’t be back until next Tuesday. This allows me time to catch up with all my paperwork and planning this week, as well as going into ‘Dignity Designs’ (Heshima) to do some much needed work.  I had mentioned in the last ‘blog’ that we were returning to Turning Point a few weeks back, but unfortunately things had got increasingly worse so we had to stay away.  Please pray that we will be able to safely go back into Turning Point next week.

Just before the family arrived I went out to see the progress on Heshima’s new land – the bore hole is now completed (gray area you can see on second photo), and they have started to build some storage areas.


The launching of two services in Karen Vineyard Church has gone extremely well so far. Both services have been consistently busy, and it now allows for us to be able to serve as well as attend a service – which is a great bonus!

I have now officially taken over responsibility for the ‘Youth’ in the church – scary! I have inherited a fantastic team though, so hopefully it will all run smoothly. Please pray for guidance for us all as we try and guide these young people at such a crucial age.

We also have the task of organising the next ‘Social/Community Event’, and then also getting an Alpha type course thing started. We already have a number of people who have expressed an interest in this course so once again, please pray for guidance as we look at and consider various materials.

In just over 5 weeks time we have an event called ‘Rhino Charge’. It is a community event where people race each other in ‘off road cars’, but it’s not about completing the race in the shortest time, but instead the shortest DISTANCE! The event takes place in a secret location (revealed just days before the event happens) anywhere in Kenya, in the middle of nowhere. And cars have to overcome the craziest of terrains in order to win, e.g. winching cars down cliffs etc. It is a huge annual event here, and the church runs one of the 12 ‘stations’, which provides food/water/first aid etc. in a way to serve the community. We are very much looking forward to serving on this team for 4 days, although we have been warned it is hard work – clearing the campsite with machetes, digging toilets and camping in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, and on a great HIGH note… my visa has now arrived! It arrived just days before I needed to extend my tourist one. Thank you once again to you all for your prayers. I am now able to stay as long as Mark has a valid visa – and his is valid for the next 2 ½ years!

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