What we are getting up to in Nairobi

Exciting times…

So, in the last two weeks or so, lots of exciting things have been happening…

Firstly, as the majority of you are already aware, we have now officially extended our stay here for another year.  My school back in UK have given me another year of ‘Career Break’ which is fantastic.  We are still awaiting my visa to come through however.  It would be so useful if it would come through in the next 2 weeks as otherwise I need to apply to renew my tourist visa again. 

As mentioned last time, Heshima now own the title deeds to the new land, and I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that last Wednesday the very first part of construction began… the drilling for the bore hole.   Please pray that the construction work will all go smoothly and relatively quickly. 

Last time I was also mentioning that we were unable to go into Turning Point due to security fears.  This week we will be going back in (with security)  to continue the work!  It will be great to be back there and continuing what was going so well.  We only have 3 weeks until the Easter break so hopefully we will get lots done in this time. 

A fortnight ago I went into Mahali to observe and see what needs to be done in order to help them further improve.  After Easter I will be aiming to go in weekly in order to train the staff a bit more, and to give demonstration lessons on making things more interactive and fun for the children.  It is a great project, and it is already providing good education, as well as food and clothing, for some of the poorest of the poor children (aged 3 – 6/Preschool age).  At the moment one of the directors from the UK is visiting, and is in the process of working out how to go about extending the project further – when they built the existing building they put foundations in with the intention of building up at some point.  The project already provides for 70 children, but this is still a drop in the ocean of need.

This is the school grounds.  As you can see they have some fantastic resources, with a play area and new play house.  Around the outskirts of the land they are growing fruit and vegetables, and they are teaching the children and their mothers how to farm in a sustainable way – as you can see from the bananas, they are doing a great job!

A week last Friday we had our Salsa/Latino Night and it was a huge success – thank you all for your prayers.  We had 170 people attend (we thought we were aiming high with 100), and we had great feedback from everyone.   At least 120 of these people were from the community, rather than church, and from conversations that I, and others were having, people were very interested in the fact that we were organising these events as a church.  We announced an upcoming Alpha course, which we are still aiming for in May/June time, so please join us in praying that people will attend this.  (Photos to follow)

Karen Vineyard Church has been growing steadily and we praise God that we have now hit the problem of not enough space for everyone – at present we can seat around 400.   As a result, we will be launching ‘Two services’ from April 3rd, one at 9am and one at 11am, with an overlap of tea and coffee at 10.30am.  Please pray that all the practicalities involved in this move go smoothly, and that God will continue to bring the people to fill both services. 

Finally, and very selfishly we are also extremely excited to have my brother, sister in law and nephew visiting in less than two weeks time.  They are going to be with us for 3 weeks, and we are incredibly excited to see them and show them around.  We will be taking just over a weeks holiday with them, going to the coast and on safari, from April 11th.  Please pray for safety as we travel and a great, relaxing time when we can really recharge our batteries! 

Thanks again to you all for your continued support,

Su and Mark.x



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