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A fun few days

So it’s been a very busy but enjoyable few days…

Had a youth meeting Saturday morning, with a few from the team.  The guy, Stewart, who currently oversees this area is moving home to the U.K. with his family in July, so over the next few months we will be transitioning over for me to take over this role.  Please pray that we will be able to build an even bigger team to help with the responsibility of running this, and that I will be given guidance and wisdom with how to take it forward. 

We also had an awesome night with good friends on Saturday at a ‘Fundraising ball’ for the horse therapy for disabled children, e.g. Heshima’s children.  It was such a fun night, and all money raised was for this excellent cause. 

I am very happy to be back at Heshima after being ill for last week.  We had a very worthwhile but long meeting on Monday afternoon – discussing the progress each child has made and making targets for the future.  This was so encouraging as they are ALL making good progress – some in much smaller steps than others, but still progress!  Today we had a lot of fun in the morning  painting and then making valentine’s day cards for their mums, and then this afternoon we took the oldest four children swimming for the very first time!  It was Sooooo much fun!  The water was very cold tho, so we warmed up by finishing off the afternoon with a good bounce on the trampoline in the play area.  A great time was had by all and we’ll be back again next week but with more children this time. 

I spent Monday morning at Turning Point, which again was a really fun time.  We opened up the ‘Creative Room’ to the younger children in two groups during the morning.  They all had a great time listening to stories, playing with toys and finger painting.  We are hoping to be able to open up this creative room on a Thursday soon too, so this Thursday myself and the team will be meeting to sort out all the resources we currently have and make an educational but fun plan for the coming term.  In addition to this I was able to meet up with Edwin and his teacher.  Edwin is a 14 (approx) year old boy, who has really struggled up until now in his primary Education.  This has now been highlighted to the project and they are doing a fantastic job of supporting him.  Since I met up with him last time he has now been assigned a 1-1 teacher for every morning who is going over basic phonics etc.  It was great to meet up with them both and see his fantastic progress already.  We will now meet weekly and I will help to set targets and give work for the following week.  The thing that really stood out was that he seemed so much happier, and when asked, he said he really enjoyed this 1-1 time and that his target for himself is to learn to read.  Please pray that we will be able to effectively teach Edwin that his goal will be achieved. 

As mentioned briefly above, I am now much, much better.  Thank you for your prayers!  I have even managed to lose all that weight I put on from eating so much over christmas ;o)

Finally, Mark has just come back from SIL today and said that when they went to chase up my visa, they were told that all my paperwork has been lost, so now new paperwork has been filled in and sent off again.  Please pray that this process will go relatively quickly now, as my tourist visa will run out on 13th March.


Bible translation update

Thanks to the hard work from the front line team and the supporting team behind them we have finally completed the translation of the new testament into SUBA

The Suba people finally have a copy to read, this has been 19 years in the making so its a pretty big deal, its been to print and we now have copies in the country!!!

At SIL (BTL/Wycliffe) we deal with minority languages, its estimated there are 30,000 people who speak this language on Mfangano Island

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